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Now you know how to manage contents in OpenCms. Of course, there are many more possibilities. OpenCms is a full featured website CMS that allows creation of the most demanding websites.

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The Release Notes contain information about what is new in this OpenCms release. Our Documentation contains in depth information about how to manage and develop websites with OpenCms.

We recommend you start with the OpenCms Demo Website, which provides a full featured, nice looking example.

There is a lot more to discover

To get an impression about what else is available in OpenCms, use the login box on this page to logout as "Editor" and then log in with the user name "Admin" and the password "admin". Then click the Show menu on the toolbar and select Show workplace. This will bring up the OpenCms Workplace, our "power user" interface. There you can see the internal file structure of the pages that have been created, modify permissions and maintain other system aspects.

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